Why choose PCI

Your goals matter:
We use our assessment tools and expertise to help you pinpoint your communication and language learning objectives.

Your schedule works:
— We arrange language courses quickly and with maximum flexibility.
— Our language services are available 24/ 7.
— You choose to learn at your own pace, place and time.

Your results count:We blend the most effective methodologies and materials of direct relevance and interest into a personalised programme to ensure you get optimal results and confidence through language.



How we work



  • Made to measure (M2M©)/ Custom training
  • Blended learning
  • Intensive training
  • Group training
  • Private lessons
  • Online courses
  • On-location training nationwide
  • Distance learning (including Skype lessons)
  • Accelerated language learning programmes
  • Authentic materials Our teachers are native speakers
  • Training for official language certificates
  • Certificate of participation & evaluation report

‘We have a personal approach. We adapt to the student´s way of learning, what the student is interested in, as well as what the company needs. For us the client in all senses of the word comes first.’
(Iona de Pimentel, Director PCI)