Jack Contze, training officer at Tata Steel Europe, who arranged for 175 members of his staff to follow English language training programmes with PCI.

“PCI language teachers impressed us because of their flexibility in finding slots for in-company language training, which isn’t always an easy task. What’s more, we find our staff are getting high-quality, made-to-measure language training for a good price.”

Peter Lennon , Director HRM, Tata Steel Europe, and his accompanying spouse, who learned Dutch through a personal language training programme with PCI.

“The prime focus is the language, but what we find very enjoyable is the integration of cultural and historical aspects into the learning. So we’re not just learning the language, but it allows us to get a better understanding of where the language comes from and why it’s spoken the way it is. The teachers we’ve had have been amazing. What we liked particularly is that they put the learning of a foreign language in a much broader context.”

Mart Nooij, Project Manager, who brushed up his French with PCI before moving to Burkina Faso in West Africa to manage a project there.

“At very short notice PCI’s been able to arrange a French course exactly tailored to my needs. And both teachers have done an admirable job in raising my French to a much higher level.”


Miriam Lucia Cotterell, Actress, who took a private Dutch language course with PCI.

“Whenever I needed to change days or times, my tutor understood that and we’d work out something that would suit us both. The quality of the teaching was very good, I could work at my own pace, and I’ve never felt any pressure. In fact, I even managed to enjoy it! From a linguistic viewpoint, I’m now able to understand a little better what goes on around me, and I feel much more integrated in society.”

Gus Cardon, NS (Dutch Railways), who needed to arrange for some staff members to bring their Dutch up to standard to work in the Netherlands.

“Initially, NS tried to organise and set up a Dutch language course on their own, but they soon found out this was too costly. We then decided to seek help with PCI. After an in-take interview and detailed evaluation of our specific needs, PCI created a programme based on our existing course material and tailored to suit the train guards’ needs. Working with PCI has been a real pleasure.”

Dr. Luis Barbosa, Covidien, who followed a Dutch language training programme with PCI.

“From the very beginning of the course, we’ve tried to speak only Dutch. This way you’re being trained to think unconsciously in the new language, which makes you less liable to translate word for word from your mother tongue. The greatest differences between the Dutch course I took at university and PCI’s ‘Dutch for Foreigners’ course are in the level of professionalism and amount of personal attention I got.”