About PCI

General terms and Conditions

PCI has different general terms and conditions for business clients and private clients. The general terms and conditions for business clients can be found here.
General terms and Conditions for business clients

The general terms and conditions for private clients originate from our trade association NRTO and can be found here.
General terms and Conditions for private clients

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Mission – Sharing a passion for languages

about_PCI_62191As your language school, we help you improve your foreign language skills, both through group and individual language trainings. As your language partner, we are committed to concrete, measurable results.

Founded in 1988, PCI Languages stands for involvement and flexibility. We combine a passion for languages and flair for communication. As a leading language school in the Netherlands, our ultimate goal is to contribute to enhancing careers and stimulating professional growth and personal development.

Experts in Expats

We are experts in expats. We support expats in developing their communication skills in a new language and culture. And we don’t let the ball drop there. We offer after course support upon request. Our language services are available 24/7.

The PCI touch goes a long way

Iona de Pimentel, Director PCI:

“We like to offer quality at the right price and a guarantee that our students will be able to achieve the intended results by the completion of the programme. We do this through constant evaluation and monitoring as the student progresses through our made-to-measure (M2M©) programmes.

“We enable our students to learn at their own pace, place and time. We offer our support services both during and after completion of their programme.

“We have a personal approach. We adapt to the student´s way of learning, what the student is interested in, as well as what the company needs. For us the client in all senses of the word comes first.”